Formed by great professionals passionate about gastronomy, committed to our philosophy and faithful to the product. We are a total of eight chefs led by executive chef Benito Gómez and his sous chef, Manuel Romero.


Marco Trujillo, directs the dining room together with his team, who receives and serves our guests, whom he will accompany on their visit to Bardal together with Miguel Conde, the restaurant’s sommelier, who will contribute his extensive and in-depth oenological knowledge in the advice and choice of wine to all those who come to our house.


Respect in the essence of authenticity.


Kitchen and Wine Cellar

Bardal’s cuisine is regional, truthful, and free of restraints.

The variety of ingredients and products that we find in our region constitute the core of Bardal’s culinary proposal, we are also accompanied by fruits from different fish markets, orchards and Andalusian farms.

We work on a proposal for two tasting menus, Bardal and Gran Bardal. The dishes that make them up vary according to the different seasons of the year, the daily creativity of the kitchen flows with the evolution of each season.

Our wine cellar: Andalusia and other vineyards around the world.

The heartbeat of the kitchen is indelibly linked to the pulse of the wine cellar. The Ronda grapes show a diversity of references that make up, together with a wide selection of Andalusian wines, our wine collection.


We propose two spaces in which we preserve the privacy of our guests together with a careful organization that allows you to enjoy a service that is attentive, discreet, and intimate.

Upstairs, different corners provide calm and tranquillity, in an old industrial interior through the architectural game of stainless-steel pipes with exposed brick walls and pillars.

The ground floor provides our guests a warm and welcoming space, with vaulted ceilings and glass walls, which allow you to appreciate through its large windows the enchantment of the Ronda landscape displayed before us.